A New Era in Mobile Charging

Bolt is a portable charging solution for events.

Just say no to charging stations.

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Bolt it on.

Bolt is a portable smartphone charger, compatibile with any iOS or Android device. Guests bolt it on, enjoy the event, and return it before they leave.

Bolt makes charging stations obsolete.

No More Charging Stations

With Bolt, your guests no longer have to be tethered to antiquated charging stations. No more tangles.

Guests Roam Free

Untethered guests are free to roam and enjoy your event while charging their precious devices.

Brand It

Add a custom event or sponsor logo to each device to make it feel like your own.

Smart phones agree, Bolt gets the job done

F a q s

What phones does Bolt support?

Bolt is compatible with iPhones (5 and up) and all Android devices.

How many Bolts can I order for my event?

Dozens. Thousands. It’s up to you.

What’s the process for an event organizer to get started with Bolt?

First off, shoot us an email. Based on information about your event we’ll supply a list of best practices and a price quote within one business day. Once paid in full, the Bolts and all accompanying signage, staff instructions, and retrieval bins will arrive at the place and time of your choosing, along with return shipping labels, boxes, and materials.

What happens when Bolt isn’t returned?

When providing Bolt to guests there are two options for an event organizer to choose from: 1) Obtain the phone number and a credit card deposit from guests who take a Bolt, or 2) Just take the guest’s phone number. In scenario 1, the guest is given a grace period to return or be automatically charged for the lost Bolt. In scenario 2, the event is given a grace period to return or pay for the lost Bolt.

How often do people forget to return a Bolt?

It is very rare for guests to walk off with a Bolt. The right communication at pickup, well placed return bins, and text reminders ensure that we get our Bolts back.

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Bolt is competitively priced with charging stations.

Send us a note and we'll provide a quote tailored to your event needs.